Who will be joining us as instructors for Intuitive Arts Events………

Who’s There at the Fair:

PatriciaKirkman Patricia Kirkman – An intuitive as well as a Numerologist and Astrologer who uses her   gifts to give information and Guidance in Career, Relationships, and Finances. Known to   be one of the best when it comes to projecting the correct time for starting and scheduling   important decisions.

larryUSE  Larry Martin – A professional Astrologer and therapist for 17 years, Larry has worked as People Magazines’ Astrologer from 1996 –2000.  Complete Astrology Chart is created for you along with a 15 minute interpretation.  All questions answered.  Timing cycles and maps included. Reach Larry at: www.larymartin.biz

Margarita Margarita – Palmistry, Astrology & Tarot Cards supported by her gift of Clairvoyance, Margarita guides you to a quick and straightforward resolution of problems as well as offering guidance.

JaneSeybold Jane Seybold is a Psychic, Certified Medium and Healer. She helps people connect with their loved ones in the Spirit World. Jane can help you recognize the signs and symbols associated with your loved ones who are trying to connect with you. As a Spiritual Teacher she can help you understand and tap into your own inner guidance for answers.

DaveBodell Rev. David Bodell – The practice of Gemstone Divination has been around for centuries. Come find out how your past, present and future affect each other through the reading of crystals and gemstones. He is also an Usui ReiKi Master and has used crystals and gemstones in healing processes for many years.

MysticCandles Candles by Mollie Chivington – A local artisan specializing in hand-crafted candles. Offering a variety of unique decorative candles; as well as scented pillar, votive, and floating candles. Aromatherapy fragrances offered in pillars and votives. Mystic Candle Company

GailKushner Gail Kushner – Gail Kushner is an author and an artist. More than 25 years ago, she had her first psychic reading and began to wonder how psychics were able to tap into information sources which she could not see. In 2008, Gail began asking psychics about what they did, how they did it, and what they knew. After 26 interviews, Gail published the book, “My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives.” Gail continues to interview people with psychic and healing abilities, and to share their knowledge on her website at www.MyPsychicSearch.com. Gail also creates “Wild Girl!” artwork

IlseSpiderwoman Ilise – SpiderWoman – Do you feel stuck? Need help releasing? Ilise (The SpiderWoman) honed her universally given gifts as a Shamanic healer and intuitive medium in Sedona, AZ and Los Angeles, CA. “The SpiderWoman was the ray of light necessary to guide the way. Not even remembering what she said afterwards, she just conveys a message and assisting energy from another realm to you, that allows you to perform the leap.”

KatRiegel Kat Riegel – Pet Psychic, she is able to read from your pictures about your pet and give you information to connect and to work with your extended family. She does equally well with pets that have departed as well as those we have around us at home.

CynthiaRoedig Cynthia Roedig – Victorian West Feathers and Flowers offers a wide variety of personal and gift items ranging from DeCio Pasta and other gourmet foods to natural stone bookmarks, handcrafted soaps and bath salts, and lovely beaded flowers in arrangements and hairpieces–just right for holiday festivities!

laurie hays Laurie Hays – An experienced clairvoyant who clearly and accurately shares Divine truth in a gentle way. Her sense of humor lightens up the reading and she is experienced in Tarot as well as palmistry. She channels Kwan Yin and Mother Mary and shares her gifts of Spirit with integrity and love. Laurie is fluent in Spanish.

 Carol Munson  Carolyn Munson – he uses a regular deck of playing cards that she feels speaks to you. She has developed and interprets how the cards relate to you and has developed a sense of energy and body work through the years She finds a regular deck of cards speaks to her. She also blends other angel cards to fine tune interpretations, helping guide people on their right path.

Emmymorgan Emmy Morgan –  There is no one who has taught me more about compassion and real, ever-lasting love than my Angels and my  three “kids.”  It is this love that I share with you to answer your burning questions; to connect you safely with your loved ones in the Afterlife; and to heal your body and field.   Unconditional Love heals the heart!  http://www.AskYourAngels.com   emmy@askyourangels.com

AngelsAmy Jacobson –  An intuitive who will bring you peace of mind by sharing Spirit’s wisdom and clarity. Amy uses Angel cards and channels your guides and angels to give messages, provide insight, and answer questions.  

    Morgana Canady – Has been a professional psychic with intuitive sensitivity. She uses tarot and pendulum and Scrying as tools to open the psychic channels. Her specialty is in helping you find yourself. To uncover the block you’ve created in your life that prevents you from having what you want, and then helps you to eliminate those blocks.

ToNeeRee To-Ree-Nee Wolf – Need help finding a clear path through the underbrush of your life? She will introduce you to her Mini-Tracking Sessions, personalized just for you. Tarot, Channeling, Shamanic Astrology and the Creation of ritual healing.

  Vesta Abel – a hand righting Analysis Expert and Mentor. She has  used it when hiring employees for her own companies. She now combines both her love of teaching arts and crafts and handwriting analysis to help improve the lives of others. She has an insatiable love of travel as well and wants to add this third element to her teaching skills by teaching both subjects World-Wide!

 Diane Donato – Diane is a Holistic Image Consultant and using Color Therapy techniques she performs Color Personality Consultations that are designed to help you drop limiting beliefs.

  Karreen Martin – Pendulum, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Provides vibrational tarot readings to open channels of understanding, healing and soul growth. Spiritual Response Therapy to clear all thing the soul has experienced relating to past life blocks, belief systems and programs collected in the subconscious mind and soul records.

Lynette Lisell – studied massage, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Spring Forest QiGong with Master Chunyi Lin, and Hands-On Healing with Echo Bodine, uses Tarot as well as Pendulum  as she draws on all of these modalities/methods when working with clients.


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