About Us

Intuitive Arts Events

Patricia Kirkman is the founder of the new event Intuitive Arts and creative venues for the seminar classes and more.  We have a Community of independent readers, healers, artists and craftspeople who will be sharing their talents in giving seminar, classes and more. We are a cooperative, which means we do not “work” for anyone but our clients.  We will keep you informed of special events.

Trust, Respect, and Integrity

Mystic Messengers Intuitive Art Events has raised-the-bar on personal integrity and set standards for ethical behavior. Everyone associated with Mystic Messenger Intuitive Arts is interviewed and validated before being invited to join. All products and services are of the highest quality.

Who We Are

When you attend a Mystic Messenger Intuitive Arts Event, you will find a variety of disciplines, modalities and classes available.  The instructor’s are  “intuitive”, as well as astrologers, numerologists, mediums, tarot. Others are energy workers of Reiki, Therapeutic Touch and alternative methods to teach and promote healing.

Locations !

The Mystic Messengers Intuitive Arts Events will be held at different locations to be publicized as they are scheduled.  Are first event will be held in September at the DoubleTree Reid Park by Hilton

Everyone who is interested in learning or teaching at events is invited to contact me.   Patricia Kirkman at by email Patriciakirkman.com@gmail.com


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